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The exterior layout of a property must be taken into consideration when working on the interior design of a cottage, dacha or house outside of town. The property must have beautiful and even lawns, arrangements of sweet-smelling flowers, properly laid-out bushes, unforgettably beautiful and stunning flower beds, fish ponds, rock gardens, etc. We can help you with all that!


Landscaping is an art, an inspiring world of beauty, peace, contentment and harmony. With landscaping, you can change the property, making it alive, striking, interesting and unique. The task of the landscape design specialist is not just to satisfy the overall desires of the client in designing the garden, but to consider the nuances that the property has and that the owner may have never thought of.


A plan for the optimal design of the area demands consideration of water supply and lighting, planting of trees and selecting the most suitable materials for pathways, retaining walls and other structures. No detail is too small for consideration in landscaping; each element is vitally important. After all, it is the details that create the overall view.