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Sketch2life Design Studio is a team of creative, committed, highly-qualified professionals who know their field. The key to success for a good company is a fully coordinated team of professionals with the entire spectrum of skills and experience required to create and realize interior designs. We believe that only precision teamwork can achieve desired goals quickly and effectively, improving and even surpassing the quality of the end result. We constantly strive to improve our designs and technical skills. Sketch2Life Design Studio is equipped to bring to life the most unusual and original fantasies and ideas. We offer individualized solutions. Your home or office deserves to be singular and unique! It is our job to make sure that your interior designs embody your individuality.


We came up with the name of our studio very simply – from a play on words. A sketch, life… so why shouldn’t it be simple - from sketch to life! Just so simple and easy that it seems incredible and impossible to think of a renovation in those terms! But the impossible is possible, and we prove it. We devote ourselves joyfully to this work that we love so well. We immerse ourselves in every design or renovation project with dedication, enthusiasm and passion. Our designers convert every “I want” into an “I can”, and even if you don’t know how you want the end result to appear, together with you we will come up with the right solution.

Our company is involved in designing and implementing interior solutions for residential and commercial properties all over the world. Every interior reflects the personality of its owner, and must be comfortable and well-integrated. This same is true of offices; their interior not only creates an image, but reflects on the atmosphere and even the business transacted in them.


Just as no two people are alike, no two interiors are alike either. Every client inspires us with his or her individuality, so we will always find a unique solution for your space that will reflect your emotions, feelings and experiences. For us, interior design is a joint creative effort between the designer and the client.