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Design project

This is the package of documents developed during the design process corresponding to the technical requirements required for the construction, repair and finishing operations at the site. The design project is the basis for modern renovations! Living comfort, both from the practical and psychological point of view, depends on the quality of the project design.

Advantages of project designs created by our studio:


  • Individualized. We bring your desires to life. All projects are created based on your interests and needs; most importantly, we use every square inch of your property to its best advantage. We’ll always find the best solution.
  • Affordable. You’ll be able to indulge yourself. A stylish and modern interior is achievable! We’ll find solutions together with you and help to stay within your budget!
  • Beautiful. Like in interior design magazines. Our commitment is to create a unique, stylish, comfortable and functional interior. And we're certain that your interior deserves the best!
  • Integrated. A couple of steps to something new. You don’t know where to start and how to finish your renovations? Our design projects are the best guide to renovations!